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The new series 500 is a double flanged end butterfly valve, with two flanges as series 600, and concentric disc as series 100U, but the face to face dimension is between series 600 and series 100U, which gives user a new option when installation. Its vulcanized rubber seat gives stability when operating, meanwhile save the cost especially for large sizes. Now series 500 is available from DN50 to DN1200.


With groove ended, the valve is used for quick installation like fire fighting application. The valve face to face is as per MSS SP-67 standard, grooved end is as per ANSI/AWWA C606 standard. Now series 700 is produced from DN50 to DN300.


Hale valve is a kind of butterfly valve, normally used for small sizes, threaded to the pipe line, for quick opening/closing, against the heavy fluid media. The valve body is Nickel plated, disc Bronze with O-ring seal guarantee bible tight. The usual sizes are 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”.

API6D Check Valve

Swing check valve, API6D design, full opening, be capable for pig ball cleaning service; soft seat or metal seat, dashpot service optional. Valves available from 2”~36”, class 150~2500lbs.


Trunnion mounted ball valve, metal to metal seat. Different designs to suit different working conditions, for example
a) high temperature which prohibit the use of resilient material;
b) abrasive service with powder media or granular media. Ball and seats are tungsten carbide hardfaced as a standard and preferred material selection.

Double Piston Design TF Ball Valve

Trunnion mounted ball valve, with double piston effect seats. The fluid pressure, both upstream and downstream as well as in the body cavity, creates a resultant thrust that pushed the seat rings towards the ball, while a relief valve is required in the body cavity to reduce the building of overpressure. Viza can also supply a combination seats, which means self relieving seat ring in upstream and double piston seat ring in downstream.

API603 Gate Valve

Gate valve, design per API603, wall thickness per B16.34, light and cost few than API600 design. Precision investment casting, PTFE gasket and packing, stainless steel body with integral seat. Valves available from 2”~12”, class 150~300lbs.



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