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Kunshan Viza valve Co., Ltd

Marketing Specialist

Roles and Responsibilities:
1.Marketing daily operations:
maintain marketing database in company server and CRM, filing and updating properly all the records of advertisements, interviews,PR articles, events and promotional activities, including but not limited:
b.product catalogue& galary
d.Reference management
e.Company profile
f.Multiple media publish
2.Events support and organization:
1)Internal marketing & sales related events, such as customer visit, project kick-off, etc;
2)Assist the execution of external marketing events both in China and overseas, such as new product launch, conference, exhibition, industry show and other media gathering, etc;
3.Others: support other tasks within Marketing & Sales Department, such as carrying out special assignments or projects as delegated by leader.
1)Bachelor degree in language, marketing, business or arts related majors.
2)At least 3-4 years of relevant working experience, good at multiple tasks management and events organization.
3)Proficient English skill.
4)Understand the AD design and have the sense of art, being innovative.
5)Mature personality, well-organized.
1)Self-driven and having the desire to "get things done".
2)Organized and able to handle multi-tasks.
3)Able to work under pressure and meet the deadline.
4)Good communication skills.
5)Attention to details.
6)Team work spirit.
1)Mature and reliable